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I started this blog to get me through the London Marathon 2011. It was quite a challenge as I only started running on the 3rd of May 2010. I finished the marathon with painful blisters and quite a lot of money for a great charity!

This blog is now taking me on a new journey - to a fitter lifestyle aided by running.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Something to amuse you

I came across this article via one of the Facebook running groups I 'like'.  It has amused me greatly so I would like to share these nuggets of gold with you.  If you would like to read the article please go to where Mark Remy's article is shown in full.

Running Rules of Thumb

1. If you see a porta potty with no line, use it. Even if you don't need to.
2. If you have to ask yourself, Does this driver see me? The answer is no.
3. If you have to ask yourself, Are these shorts too short? The answer is yes.
4. 1 glazed doughnut = 2 miles
5. You rarely regret the runs you do; you almost always regret the runs you skip.
6. Not everyone who looks fast really is, and not everyone who looks slow really is.
7. Nobody has ever watched Chariots of Fire from beginning to end. Not even the people who made it.
8. You can never have too many safety pins on your gym bag.
9. Running any given route in the rain makes you feel 50 percent more hard-core than covering the same route on a sunny day.
10. If you care even a little about being called a jogger versus a runner, you're a runner.

I find number 10 particularly true; I am a runner not a jogger (even though I often seem to jog!), but I have watched COF many times and in full - I love it!  For me the most important is rule 5 which kept me going in the early days and is true true true and must never be forgotten!
Let's repeat it together, after me now - "You rarely regret the runs you do; you almost always regret the runs you skip".

Off you go then - pick up your running shoes and off you go.  Free your legs!

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  1. I can't run tonight I'm going to Choir :)