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I started this blog to get me through the London Marathon 2011. It was quite a challenge as I only started running on the 3rd of May 2010. I finished the marathon with painful blisters and quite a lot of money for a great charity!

This blog is now taking me on a new journey - to a fitter lifestyle aided by running.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Weather vs the runner

Now, you recollect I began this mission in May?  The weather this May was rather lovely...if you like hot weather.  I am a true cold weather girl, I can't stand being too hot.  There is one advantage to summer weather running though - everything looks beautiful and it lends a real joy to getting outside.  Who could refuse getting up off the couch and out into the great outdoors with golden beams of sunshine making everything look so darn pretty?

Alas with the sun also comes humidity and hayfever - enemies of the runner.

Today was my first 'bad' weather run.  It began raining before I left the house so I donned the 'waterproof' jacket I had bought for just such an occasion and headed off.  Within eight minutes I was soaked through.  However, soaked as I was I just didn't care.  I was one of those children who loved rain and if there was ever a storm I thought all my birthdays and Christmasses had come at once.  I just ran.  There was no humidity or pollen to upset my breathing and no high temperatures to irriate my body.  I just ran.  It was great.

Bring on the rain!

What is your ultimate running weather?

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