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I started this blog to get me through the London Marathon 2011. It was quite a challenge as I only started running on the 3rd of May 2010. I finished the marathon with painful blisters and quite a lot of money for a great charity!

This blog is now taking me on a new journey - to a fitter lifestyle aided by running.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Reading on running

I am a big reader and whenever I get interested in something I tend to do a lot of reading up on the subject. On Amazon I found a great book by Bob Glover, The Runner's Handbook, and although a little American and dated it offered me a lot of advice and inspiration. I recommend it to all of you who are thinking of starting on this journey. There was one thing I noticed in reading it though, Bob does not have much tolerance for those who are overweight and his instruction is to lose it.

After that I bought my first copy of Runner's World magazine and felt an absolute amateur and slightly out of my depth.

Out of this reading though I realised I was making the classic beginner's mistake - running too fast. When beginning running it is important to build up your stamina with distance or time, not to sprint yourself into a wheezing heap. So, I slowed down and actually started to enjoy myself. I also downloaded an excel running log (there are lots free on the net) as everything I read said keep a log.  If you are not sure where to start try looking at these links to free logs from the Serpentine Running Club.

On some of the early days I really didn't want to get off the couch and out the door, but I had to - for Su. Of course, I still expected her to cancel the whole plan but I would not be the one to let her down.

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